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Battle Droid

Battle Droids are similar  to Clone Troopers but they are Droids that are able to think for them selves, but are commanded by the Sith Lords. The Droids appear in "Star Wars Episode I, II, and III" they are great in numbers but not in brains. Their are also different kinds of Battle Droids, their are Battle Droids, and Super Battle Droids. Their are also special kinds of Droids like Magma Guards and Droideka's.    

Super Battle Droid's

Super Battle Droids are very similar to Battle Droids but have more protective armor on them, they can get hit with more lazer's than normal Droids. They do not carry Blasters but have twin blasters on their right wrist and have a wrist rocket on the other. Their are usually less Super Battle Droids then Battle Droids because they are more expensive to purchase. 


Droideka's are droids that can transform to a wheel and roll or can stand up on three feet and fire their rapid fire Twin Blasters on both arms.Because they are very slow walkers they have a force field when standing up that surrounds their whole body.  

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